So you heard that we’re doing a CD

Well, you heard right. And by we, I mean myself, Keley McWhorter (our producer), Heidi and a host of other musicians with crazy talents that are gonna make this thing sing. Actually, I’ll do the singing for the most part, but we’re gonna get a little experimental with some of the music.

We hope you’re OK with that.

Also, I’ll have Jessica, a.k.a. best friend/wife/biz partner with me every step of the way. That means we’re bound for success.

It’ll take some time, so work with us on that. And we’re gonna need your help. Feedback on songs, videos, you name it. Honesty is what we need though, cause ain’t nobody got time to compliment a whole bunch of songs that he or she or it wasn’t hoping to hear.

Thoughts on the new CD? We want to hear them! Watch for a video coming soon that explains a little more of the deets.

Leave your comments below!